Mario Tennis Open – Online-Ready [3DS]

Mario Tennis OpenMTO F3G IconMario serves up fun again with this 3DS entry in the popular tennis Super Mario game. Mario Tennis Open allows players to instantly jump into the multiplayer fun, locally or online, as theirr Mii or their favorite Mushroom Kingdom character.Mario Tennis Open .Mario Tenisu Opun?is a Mario sports game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was developed by Camelot, which has produced most of the previous Mario Tennis titles. The game was first released on May 20, 2012 in North America and in other regions the same month. It was later released as a downloadable title on the Nintendo eShop in late 2012.Like earlier Mario Tennis titles, Mario Tennis Open incorporates characters, settings, and scenarios from the Mario franchise. Players can engage in standard tennis matches but also play special variants with different rules and objectives. Seventeen distinct playable characters are available, each with special qualities that are used to the players’ advantage. Mario Tennis Open is also the first Mario Tennis game to feature simultaneous online play.Mario Tennis Open received generally positive reviews, gaining aggregate scores of 69.54 percent on GameRankings and 70 on Metacritic.

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Release Date : May 20, 2012
Genre : Sports
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
metacritic Score : 69
Region :
Online Support : Yes
Platform(s) : Nintendo 3DS
File Type : 3DZ
Rom Size : 512 MB
Rar Size : 282 MB
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