Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS)

Dead or Alive DimensionsDead or Alive Dimensions takes the vivacious characters and locales that have made the DOA franchise a hit with gamers everywhere and presents them in eye-popping 3D display. All of the punches, kicks, counters and grapples that have defined the series as a top-tier console and arcade fighter are present for the first time on a portable gaming system — the Nintendo 3DS. Dead or Alive Dimensions features some of the best content from the series spanning all of the titles from the original DOA up to DOA 4. Fans will be able to relive some of the classic rivalries, storylines and white-knuckle action from the best points in the DOA history. There’s also a ton of new content, so even the most seasoned DOA fan will enjoy fresh material. Players will be able to play through several modes including Chronicle, Versus, Tag Survival Modes and more. They’ll also have a robust roster of more than 20 fighters and 15 stages to choose from, including two fighters who have never been playable until now.

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Release Date : May 24, 2011
Genre : Fighting
Publisher : Tecmo KOEI
Developer : Team Ninja
metacritic Score : 79
Region :
Platform(s) : Nintendo 3DS
File Type : 3DS
Rom Size : 2 GB
Rar Size : 1.34 GB
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