Asphalt 3D [3ds CIA]

Asphalt 3dASP3D IconAsphalt 3D The renowned racing franchise returns with higher-quality graphics than ever and for the first time 3D features that create the most realistic Immersive racing experience yet. In Asphalt 3D, you’ll power a wide range of high-performance cars and race through 17 exotic locations with the 3DS’ accelerometer. Experience surging down the road as you swerve to avoid oncoming traffic in full 3D. Uncover new racing circuits and vehicles, customize your hot rod, and play against up to 6 friends using the Local Play feature of the Nintendo 3DS system.Enable StreetPass by sending and receiving game data to see how you compare with your friends and just about everyone else who plays the game. Race against the viral ghost of Asphalt 3D top-ranked players to reach the top of the charts and earn in-game cash. Asphalt 3D is racing as you’ve never experienced before.

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Release Date : March 27, 2011
Genre : Racing
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Gameloft
metacritic Score : 43
Region :
Platform(s) : Nintendo 3DS
File Type : CIA
Rom Size : 461 MB
Rar Size : 244 MB

Place the .cia file on your Big SD card and install using the DevMenu or BigBlueMenu .

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