3D Galaxy Force II [3DS CIA]

3D Galaxy Force IIJust when all seems well and good in the 3D Galaxy Force II, some nasty alien armada has to go and stir up some trouble. Now it’s up to you, as the 3D Galaxy Force II, to go face-to-face with the evil extraterrestrial posse that’s threatening the balance and harmony of the universe. Fighting in your swept-wing attack fighter, you’ll have your hands full as you single-handedly take on an army of aliens that are hell-bent on bringing you down. If you’re good enough to survive the outer space onslaught, you’ll descend on the planet and engage in a firefight with everything the fiery ball of gas can throw at you, including meteor storms, volcanic pillars, and Fire Snakes. Remember, you are the Galaxy Force, and it’s your duty as the protector of the solar system to succeed.

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Release Date : Dec 12, 2013
Genre : Action
Publisher : SEGA
Developer : CRI, SEGA
metacritic Score : 65
Region :
Mode(s) : Single-player
Platform(s) : Nintendo 3DS
File Type : CIA
CIA Size : 115 MB
Rar Size : 89 MB

Place the .cia file on your Big SD card and install using the DevMenu or BigBlueMenu .

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Password : free3dsgames.com

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