1001 Spikes [3DS CIA]

1001 Spikes1001 Spikes is an 8-bit retro style “Hardest Extremest Craziest Platform Action Puzzle Adventure.” Simple & intuitive rules. Elaborate level design. Various fierce traps, traps, traps! Return to the Golden Years of Video Game. No one can BEAT this game … except YOU.An example of the format done right: It harnesses that old-school look for a reason and focuses in on a single design concept with obsessive clarity. 1001 Spikes Developer 8bit Fanatics really gets what made the best classic games great, and manages to make a hateful, hurtful game into addictive fun.

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Release Date : February 13, 2015
Genre : Platformer
Publisher : Nicalis
Developer : 8bits Fanatics
metacritic Score : 73
Region :
Mode(s) : Single-player
Platform(s) : Nintendo 3DS
File Type : CIA
CIA Size : 60 MB
Rar Size : 40 MB

Place the .cia file on your Big SD card and install using the DevMenu or BigBlueMenu .

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Password : free3dsgames.com

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